XTERRA Footwear Footwear builds trail running shoes for the Xterra races, training and lifestyle.

XTERRA: the ultimate off-road triathlon. What began as one race, has grown into a series of triathlons and trail running races with 195 events in 16 countries, and a global following of athletes. Athletes doing what they love in the great outdoors. The terrain varies as much as the athletes themselves. From Anchorage to Maui, no one trail is like another. Hard packed dirt, loose soil, sand, rock, asphalt, or a combination of all.

Our XR1.0 and XT1.0 are true multi-surface running shoes. WILDTred is our solution for traction and stability. When a big cat runs it uses it's pads for traction, claws only come into play as a last resort. Our blown rubber outsole works the same way. Read more here.

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